Saturday, December 30, 2006


It's Trent's birthday today. My Little Dude is 6! He has always wanted to go bowling, so as a surprise we took him! We pre-paid for 3 games. Having never bowled with small children before, we had no clue how LONG it would take. Around the 4th or 5th turn, everyone was getting a little bored, I guess. It was sooooooo hot in there, too. Erik went back up to the counter to get our money back for the 2 games we weren't going to play and they wouldn't refund us. They don't do refunds. I'm not one for taking "no" quite so easily, so this time I went back up to the counter. I didn't see a sign that said "NO REFUNDS". I thought it was just stupid that they wouldn't give our money back. I had no idea that there were 10 turns (or whatever it's called) per person per game. I asked for the manager and aplogized for my ignorance and explained the situation. The best they could do was give us passes for future use. I guess that's fine. The kid's had a great time so I'm sure we'll be returning. I just wasn't going to throw away $32.00.
This was Katrina's way of bowling. She discovered this all on her own. However, she kept scooting up too far and setting off the little alarm.
Yeah, we're still waiting for Katrina's ball to make it down to the end of the lane.
Trent added a super cool dance move to his throw. Throw the ball, well, actually drop it, then spin around on one foot.

Cheer for yourself with a big "YEAH" when you know you're beating Mommy. Posted by Picasa


sherry said...

LOL this is so cute! A Belated Happy Birthday to Trent and let him know I just LOVE his bowling dance!

Hilary said... adorable are those photos? Those are soooo cute! I love the lighting. :)

MarilynH said...

Happy birthday! My DS had is 14th this same day. :)

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