Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Trent was so darn cute today.

Both the kids were starting to act up right around their normal nap times. I told them to go upstairs and get ready for naps. It took a little encouraging, but they both finally did.

I was downstairs finishing up some laundry before I tucked them in. I could hear them up stairs making noise. I figured they were probably playing in the playroom.

As I walked upstairs, I heard, "Night Nie."

Trent was walking out of Baby Kat's room, looking back at her and replied, "Goodnight Baby Kat."

When I looked in her room, she was in her bed with the covers up over her head.

I asked Trent, "Did you do 'Our Fodders' with your sister?"

"No", he stated. "I read her a book."

I smiled to myself and said, "Really? What book did you read to her?"

"Bob da Builder," he said with absolutely no enthusiasm at all. It was like it was everyday stuff for him or something.

When Baby Kat went upstairs, she still had her boots on. I wondered if she still had them on when she crawled into her bed.

"Did you take her shoes off?" I asked hoping the answer would be a "Yes".

"Yes, and her socks too."

He fights with her and tries to pretend he doesn't like her, but I can tell her really LOVES her.

Of course, after Trent and I did his "Our Fodders", I had to put Baby Kat in her crib. She had already climbed out of bed and was trying to sneak down the stairs. When I put her in the crib, I looked down at the chair in her room and there was the Bob The Builder book. It instantly reminded me of the days when Trent was two, like Baby Kat is now, and I would read him a book before naps. When I was done, I would always put the book down in the chair next to his bed for next day's nap. He had done the same thing today. It made my heart melt.

**Pics are from this past weekend.


sherry said...

This is totally so sweet! This brought back such special memories of my own boys when they were little and the special things they would do like this. Thank you for making me smile today! Give Trent a BIG hug!

Jocelyn said...

This is so beautiful. Too sweet! Trent sounds like the cutest boy ever. And those pictures are gorgeous!

Wendi said...

this just melted my heart, too! How sweet! And your pictures are just gorgeous - you've got such talent with your camera, even if you can't seem to get them to look how you want. I LOVE your photos!

Pat H. said...

Wonderful story. That Trent - if you get tired of him, let me know!! And both those pictures are amazing.

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