Monday, April 11, 2005

Another Monday Morning

"Do you Blog?" I asked my oldest daughter, Ashlely. "No. That's stupid", she replies. So, I must be doing something right then.

Ashley's prom was on Saturday night. It's still kinda bothering me that her $200.00 prom dress is rolled up in a ball on my dining room table. It's been there since Sunday morning. The first thing she said to me, after dumping her dress is, "Oh, that was so not worth the $600.00 I spent." Luckily, she spent the money, not me. I didn't give her a dime, which is why I keep trying to convince myself that the rolled up dress is NOT my problem. I think they actually spent closer to $1000.00. She wasn't counting Kevin's clothes, dinner and accessories. She did spend nearly a $100.00 on having her hair and makeup done. Oh, I just don't get it. I would never spend so much money on one night. I never wanted a wedding. A simple Justice of the Peace would have been just fine and dandy with me.

My mother cried on the phone when she found out she had missed Ashley's prom. I sent pictures out and when my mom realized they weren't for a "dress rehersal", she was upset. Very upset.

I said to her, "Mom, you always said the Prom was not that big of a deal".
"That's because you didn't go", she explained.

I called her a couple hours later, she was still crying.

Katrina is now wearing her bib as a cape and feeding cereal to her Elmo phone. It may be time to go and start my day. Trent is already glued to the tv. Time to turn off the tv, make the bed and start picking up toys. My never ending job..."picking up toys". Sigh.

I also better think about submitting some new LO's.

Do you think if I submit one LO to CK EVERYDAY they will start to notice me? It's a thought I've been tossing around in my head for a while. "Oh, here's another Heather LO. We better publish here soon. I'm sick of getting these daily submissions".

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